Arriving in Pucón

Two options are possible to go from Santiago de Chile to Pucón:

1. By plane from Santiago to Temuco:

You can buy your tickets with two companies : LAN ( and Skyairline ( This trip costs around US$80. It lasts around 1:30hr.

From Temuco airport to Pucón, you will be able to take a direct transfer to Pucón. Transfer lasts around 1:30hr.


2. By bus from Santiago to Pucón:

Many companies operate on this destination. The journey lasts around 8hrs. Please note that the buses are very comfortable in Chile.In most of the companies, you can start buying your ticket online only 2 months before the traveling date.

Some companies operating: Tur Bus (, Condor (, Jac (

The trip costs around US$35.


3. Temuco - Pucón / Pucón - Temuco:

Transportation from Temuco's Airport to Gran Hotel Pucón: Sunday 30, 13:20 Hrs.

Transportation from Gran Hotel Pucón to Temuco's Airport: Saturday 5, 9.40 am Hrs.

Please note that a bus will leave Temuco's airport at 1 pm on Sunday 30 to go to the hotel in Pucón. Another one will come back from the hotel on Saturday 5th at 9:40 am. 
Please note that the conference will not organize or pay any other transfer to Pucón. 
4. Other options Temuco-Pucón:
  • Alternative 1:
Step 1: take a taxi from the airport to Temuco's bus station ("Terminal Rodoviario" in Temuco city center). Cost: around $2.000 chilean pesos. El bus vale aproximadamente  $2.000 o $3.000 CLP.
Step 2: Once in the bus station, you will have the choice between different companies going to Pucón, Cost: around $3.000 CLP. Every bus stop various times, Pucón is the last stop. Do not hesitate to ask the driver before leaving the bus.
  • Alternative 2:

You can take a transfer directly in the airport. It is more expensive and can cost until $60.000 chilean pesos. Do not hesitate to ask other passengers in the airport if they want to share the van with you.