Teams Involved

INRIA project-team: TOSCA

Inria Research Centers: Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée and Inria Nancy Grand-Est

Domaine : Mathématiques appliquées, calcul et simulation.

Topic : Modèles et méthodes stochastiques.

Coordinator: Denis Talay, contact:

International partner: Center of Stochastic Analysis and Applications (ANESTOC)

Domaine: Stochastic Analysis.

Topic: Stochastic modelling of Open System Dynamics in energy generation and ion-channels.

Coordinator: Rolando Rebolledo (PUC), contact:

Collaboration between the teams:

The INRIA team TOSCA and ANESTOC have been in contact since 1993 thanks to an invitation made by Rolando Rebolledo to Denis Talay. The research activities arising from scientific exchanges between these groups have been consolidated over the past eight-year thanks to a programme of long-term collaboration between the team Tosca and the group formed by Rolando Rebolledo, Soledad Torres and Carlos Mora.

All members of the INRIA team have been participating along these years at the Winter School on Stochastic Analysis held every year in Valparaíso. Several projects implemented by these researchers are currently developed. It is worth mentioning, in particular, a 1998-2011 MathAmSud Programme, as well as a participation in the CIRIC-INRIA project in Chile.

Moreover, the exchange has been expanded to include a postdoctoral position in Valparaiso (Miguel Martinez) and internship for engineering students at INRIA. Stochastic modelling applied to the operation of copper mills, have been among our joint specific research subjects in the past. This has Ph.D. at Inria under M. Bossy and D. Talay’s supervision, and by an emerging collaboration in modelling of ion channels in Neurosciences and in renewable energies. The latter is a part of our joint project in CIRIC-INRIA research program. M. Bossy and A. Ganz are continuing their collaboration on the study of the convergence of stochastic particles systems to the equilibrium. The collaboration of a large number of engineering students at the Catholic University of Chile as well as students of the University of Concepcion, the University of Santiago, Valparaiso and Mathematics at the University of La Serena gives the team a great potential in Chile.

The CIRIC project Stochastic Analysis of Renewable Energies: Ocean Energy and Wind Farms has been launched mid-2102. This project is oriented towards the dissemination and valorisation of mathematical results on ocean energy and wind farms which are developped within the Equipe Associée. In particular, a great attention will be given to the development of high quality and innovative softwares.

The Anillo project Stochastic Analysis Network: open systems, energy and dynamics of information, directed by R. Rebolledo, has been launched mid-2012, involving collaborations with physicists. The TOSCA team is a partner of this network on the research on neurosciences and bio-stochastics could also benefit of this program.

Inria Participants:

  • Denis Talay (Inria – TOSCA)
  • Antoine Lejay (Inria – TOSCA)
  • Etienne Tanré (Inria – TOSCA)
  • Mireille Bossy (Inria – TOSCA)
  • Selim Kraia (Inria – TOSCA)
  • Madalina Deaconu (Inria – TOSCA)
  • Antoine Rousseau  (Inria – LEMON)

ANESTOC Participants:

  • Rolando Rebolledo (UC-Math, ANESTOC)
  • Soledad Torres (UV-CIMFAV, ANESTOC)
  • Karine Bertin (UV-CIMFAV, ANESTOC)
  • Lisandro Fermín (UV-CIMFAV, ANESTOC)
  • Cristían Escauriaza (UC-Hydraulics, ANESTOC)
  • Rodrigo Cienfuegos (UC-Hydraulics, ANESTOC)
  • Carlos Mora (UDEC-Math. Eng., ANESTOC)
  • Patricio Orio (UV-Neurosciences)
  • Ana María Córdova (UV-Meteorology)
  • Cristián Paris (UC-CIRIC, Engineer)
  • Hernán Mardones (UDEC-Math. Eng.)
  • Carlos Maldonado (UC-Math. Eng., graduate student)
  • Maximiliano Arancibia (UC-Math. Eng., graduate student)